Extends: ESCBaseCommand < Resource


turn_to object object_to_face [wait]

Turns object to face another object.

Unlike movement commands, turn_to will not automatically reference an ESCLocation that is a child of an ESCItem. To turn towards an ESCLocation that is a child of an ESCItem, give the ESCLocation a Global ID and use this value as the object_to_face parameter.

While turning, the number of directions the item faces will depend on the number of directions defined for the object. A 16 direction character for example will display 8 directions of animation while turning to face an object that is 180 degrees away, a 4 direction character would only face 2 directions to make the same turn. As the idle animation will be played for wait seconds for each direction the object faces, a 16 direction character would take 8 seconds to rotate 180 degrees with a 1 second wait time, whereas a 4 direction character would only take 2 seconds to make the same rotation.


  • object: Global ID of the object to be turned

  • object_to_face: Global ID of the object to turn towards

  • wait: Length of time to wait in seconds for each intermediate angle. If set to 0, the turnaround is immediate (default: 0)


Method Descriptions


func configure() -> ESCCommandArgumentDescriptor

Return the descriptor of the arguments of this command


func validate(arguments: Array)

Validate whether the given arguments match the command descriptor


func run(command_params: Array) -> int

Run the command


func interrupt()

Function called when the command is interrupted.