Extends: ESCCameraBaseCommand < ESCBaseCommand < Resource


camera_set_target_block time object

Configures the camera to follow the specified target object (ESCItem) as it moves around the current room. The transition to focus on the object will happen over a time period. Blocks until the command completes.

The camera will move as close as it can if camera limits have been configured and the object is at coordinates that are not reachable.


  • time: Number of seconds the transition should take to move the camera to follow object

  • object: Global ID of the target object

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Method Descriptions


func configure() -> ESCCommandArgumentDescriptor

Return the descriptor of the arguments of this command


func validate(arguments: Array)

Validate whether the given arguments match the command descriptor


func run(command_params: Array) -> var

Run the command


func interrupt()

Function called when the command is interrupted.