Extends: ESCBaseCommand < Resource


hide_menu menu_type [enable_automatic_transition]

Hides either the main menu or the pause menu. The enable_automatic_transition parameter can be used to specify if Escoria manages the graphical transition for you or not. Setting enable_automatic_transition to false allows you to manage the transition effect for your room as it transitions in and out. Place a transition command in the room’s setup event to manage the look of the transition in, and in the room’s exit_scene event to manage the look of the transition out.


  • menu_type: Which menu to hide. Can be either main or pause (default: main)

  • enable_automatic_transition: Whether to automatically transition from the menu (default: false)


Method Descriptions


func configure() -> ESCCommandArgumentDescriptor

Return the descriptor of the arguments of this command


func validate(arguments: Array)

Validate whether the given arguments match the command descriptor


func run(command_params: Array) -> var

Run the command


func interrupt()

Function called when the command is interrupted.