Extends: Position2D


A simple node extending Position2D with a global ID so that it can be referenced in ESC Scripts. Movement-based commands like walk_to_pos will automatically use an ESCLocation that is a child of the destination node. Commands like turn_to–which are not movement-based–will ignore child ESCLocations and refer to the parent node.

Property Descriptions


export var global_id = ""

The global ID of this item


export var is_start_location = false

If true, this ESCLocation is considered as a player start location


export var player_orients_on_arrival = true

If true, player orients towards ‘interaction_direction’ as player character arrives.


export var interaction_direction = 0

Let the player turn to this direction when the player arrives at the item

Method Descriptions


func is_class(p_classname: String) -> bool

Used by “is” keyword to check whether a node’s class_name is the same as p_classname.

## Parameters

p_classname: String class to compare against