Extends: Reference


A set of common utilities

Method Descriptions

get_deg_from_rad (static)

func get_deg_from_rad(rad_angle: float)

Convert radians to degrees


  • rad_angle: Angle in radians Returns Degrees

get_re_group (static)

func get_re_group(re_match: RegExMatch, group: String) -> String

Get the content of a reg exp group by name


  • re_match: The RegExMatch object

  • group: The name of the group Returns The value of the named regex group in the match

get_typed_value (static)

func get_typed_value(value: String, type_hint)

Return a string value in the correct infered type


  • value: The original value

  • type_hint: The type it should be Returns The typed value according to the type inference

sanitize_whitespace (static)

func sanitize_whitespace(value: String) -> String

Sanitize use of whitespaces in a string. Removes double whitespaces and converts tabs into space.


  • value: String to work on Returns the string with sanitized whitespaces