Extends: ESCBaseCommand < Node


accept_input [type]

Sets how much input the game is to accept. This allows for cut scenes in which dialogue can be skipped (if [type] is set to SKIP), and ones where it can’t (if [type] is set to NONE).


  • type: Type of inputs to accept (ALL) ALL: Accept all types of user input SKIP: Accept skipping dialogues but nothing else NONE: Deny all inputs (including opening menus)

Warning: SKIP and NONE also disable autosaves.

Warning: The type of user input accepted will persist even after the current event has ended. Remember to reset the input type at the end of cut-scenes!


Method Descriptions


func configure() -> ESCCommandArgumentDescriptor

Return the descriptor of the arguments of this command


func validate(arguments: Array)

Validate whether the given arguments match the command descriptor


func run(command_params: Array) -> int

Run the command


func interrupt()

Function called when the command is interrupted.